Corporate Profile

A leader in the formulation, design and production of environment friendly finishing materials, Terraco prides itself on providing innovative, green solutions to the construction industry. Since its founding in 1980, Terraco uses carefully selected raw materials and production techniques, resulting in products that promote health, ensure comfort, improve energy efficiency and provides a sophisticated finish.

In an era where every producer, deservedly or not, is trying to wave the Green Flag, Terraco Group may have been alone in never having produced any solvent based product in their 40 year history. We have never polluted any factory or job site environment nor had a single case of any harmful effect caused by its products to any employee or user.

Terraco's range of quality finishing products, supplied to the construction industry in over 75 countries, are distinguished by their environment friendly approach and high quality. They include EIFS / ETICS, skim coats, repair products, performance coatings, tiling products, flooring, waterproofings and more.


Specified by architects, recommended by builders – Terraco leads the way to a greener future.

Terraco is a strong supporter of keeping production local, close to the target market - minimising the carbon footprint from raw material transportation and finished goods distribution. Terraco's Research & Development staff, coordinated out of the Technical Centre in Ireland, constantly strive to develop new, innovative products to ensure we continue to offer our customers the most advanced, highest quality products which provide unbeatable value for money.


EcoLife – a truly ecological product range.

Terraco has a Swedish heritage, where quality, safety, cleanliness, and thinking green is ingrained into the country's culture. Terraco is not only focused on producing products to the highest environmental standards, but is today also leading the way in promoting and developing new standards and green building practices.

Terraco continuously seeks new horizons and challenges as the company continues on its ecological path to build for the future.