Floor Coatings

Terraco has variety of exciting floor finishing options in its Floor Coating Range.

These floor coatings are suited for use in a variety of demanding applications such as workshops, car parks, cold storage and food processing facilities, showrooms, assembly halls, warehouses, aircraft hangers, industrial plants, engineering workshops, heavy traffic areas, and sport flooring surfaces, and landscaping systems for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Surface preparation is key, and depending on the intended use of the flooring system, the process for a concrete floor begins with the surface being prepared and levelled using Terraco Terrascreed Self Levelling Floor Screeds. Read more.

Once the surface is suitably prepared, it can be coated using a product from the Terraco Flooring Range to create a lasting impression.
• Decorative Floor Coatings - decoFloor
• Epoxy Floor Coatings - Epirok
• Acrylic Floor Coatings - DiamondCoat
• Resin Surface Coatings - Addagrip
• Sports Flooring Systems - Flexipave
• Concrete Pavement Protection - 1000 System (Airfields)

decoFloor Decorative Floor Coatings
decoFloor™ is a compilation of bespoke designer floor finishes for today’s contemporary interior designer.
The range consists of:
  • Floor coatings designed to give the appearance of an exposed concrete floor - Stucco Vintage. Read more.
  • Metallic and / or pearlescent seamless floor coatings – Addazing. Read more.
  • Floor finishes incorporating decorative flakes and / or quartz – Addaflake. Read more.

Each floor coating has unique properties and features to meet the creative needs of the interior designer and decorator.

Epirok Epoxy Floor Coatings
Epirok™ solvent free floor coatings are available in gloss or non-slip finishes, designed to reduce maintenance costs as they are easy to clean, hygienic, hard-wearing, with excellent abrasion, impact resistance and mechanical strength.

The range includes:

  • An epoxy primer
  • An epoxy repair compound
  • A heavy duty epoxy screed
  • A high build epoxy coating
  • A non-slip epoxy coating
  • A self-levelling epoxy screed

DiamondCoat Acrylic Floor Coatings
DiamondCoat™ is an acrylic waterborne floor coating based on a new generation of hydrophobic polymers. This allows these products to provide outstanding durability with excellent chemical and water resistance.

DiamondCoat is available as a:
  • Clear Acrylic Floor Sealer
  • Pigmented Acrylic Floor Coating System in mid-sheen or matt options
The product is available in a range of attractive colours, is suitable for both interior and exterior applications and is available in smooth and non-slip versions. As a result of the new generation polymers, these products have a self-crosslinking mechanism which imparts excellent block and chemical resistance to the coating film making it ideal for use on light industrial floors. Furthermore, DiamondCoat has excellent hot tyre pick-up resistance allowing the product to be applied on garage floors.

Addagrip Resin Surface Coatings
Addagrip™ is a range of quality Resin Surfacing Systems used internally and externally. These flooring and landscaping systems are suitable for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
The Addagrip Resin Bound Porous Surfacing Systems are available in 3 options:
  • Addagrip Crystal
  • Addagrip Amber
  • Addagrip Tree Pit
The Addagrip Surfacing Systems are resin bound and porous, allowing water to percolate through the surface and beyond when a suitable porous base build-up configured for Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) has been installed. Read More.

Flexipave Sports Flooring Systems
Flexipave™ is a range of products developed for multi sports surfaces including tennis courts. These flooring products offer the best solutions for sport surfaces, guaranteeing an excellent playing standard, safety for the players and a long lasting surface.

Flexipave Sports Flooring Systems offer environmentally friendly solutions as the system includes recycled material in its cushioning coats. These water based products use acrylic resin technology to avoid any harmful effects on the environment. Read more.

1000 System Concrete Pavement Protection (Airfields)
The Addagrip 1000 System™ has been developed for the concrete protection of concrete pavements, concrete roads, concrete ramps and concrete steps. It is also used to treat frost damaged, spalled or smooth concrete airfield strips. Read more.

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