Lightweight Exterior Wall Systems (LSF)

In recent years, the use of Lightweight Steel Framing (LSF) (also referred to Light Gauge Steel (LGS)) as a structural and non-structural construction element has emerged and proliferated. This construction method has replaced the traditional method of using brick and mortar.

LSF Systems allow for detailed planning of all the construction phases and the use of higher quality construction materials.

With this system, Terraco’s goal is to provide effective building solutions by offering better performance than traditional systems without increasing cost and time, and affecting sustainability. The use of Terraco Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) as part of LSF / LGS achieves this objective.

Light Steel Framing

LSF Systems incorporating an EIFS System have the potential to achieve:

  • Lower energy consumption due to continuous wall insulation results in carbon dioxide (CO2) reduction 
  • Reduction of a building's external wall weight
  • Reduction of the construction timescale
  • Reduced construction cost
  • Reduced long-term heating / air conditioning cost

The attached LSF Finishing Systems brochure contains technical details with regards to:

  • LSF and Sheathing Board Specification for Terraco EIFS
    LSF design check lists and recommendations, sheathing board specifications, fixing centres  and  site inspection, as well as Best Practices.

  • LSF Terraco EIFS Substrate Wall Specification / Design and Installation
    Stage 1: Structural substrate wall design and installation.
    Stage 2: Sealing of boards and weather resistive barrier design and installation.

  • LSF Terraco EIFS Installation on Certified Substrate Wall
    Components of LSF Terraco EIFS Systems, specification requirements and fixing guidelines  for LSF Terraco EIFS Alpha (EPS) and LSF Terraco EIFS Perma (MW) systems.

  • LSF Terraco EIFS Terraco Technical Support
    LSF Terraco EIFS Systems technical submittals, specifications, drawings, EIFS / ETICS   certification, EIFS Systems Fire Safety Certification, and national building regulation  compliance.

  • Architectural Coatings & Finishes
    Terraco offers an extensive range of architectural coatings and finishes which are ideal for decorating LSF Terraco EIFS Systems while incorporating the latest technology in acrylic, silicone and elastomeric resins designed to outlast conventional paint systems.

    These premium quality decorative coatings are UV and algae resistant with outstanding flexibility. They offer long life and value and come with a proven performance track record and are backed by Terraco’s International Guarantee.

    The range includes:
  • Terracoat Textured Coatings (Click here to read more)
  • Terralite Stone Coatings (Click here to read more)
  • Mineral Based Renders (Click here to read more)
  • Exterior Special Effect Coatings which include wood effects (Superwood), metallic effects (Silshine Metallic), stone simulation (Terralite Artstone), and a real brick slip system (Terraco Brick Slip) (Click here to read more)

    Special Effect Coatings

    For more information on these coatings, please see the Architectural Coatings brochure attached to this page.

International EIFS / ETICS Certification and Testing

Fire Test

For further information, please contact the Terraco representative nearest to you.