Roof Tile Coatings

Terraco manufactures Tileshield, a range of concrete roof tile coatings used for in-plant coating of roof tiles, or by the professional painter or DIY enthusiast when carrying out roof maintenance. Tileshield products decrease the effect of water in the structure, reduce degradation of the tiles and biological growth on the surface.

These products are produced with the concrete roof tile manufacturers in mind. Tileshield is specifically developed for a Wet-on-Dry process whereby the concrete roof tiles, once they have cured for 21 days, are spray applied with Tileshield before being oven dried. For Wet-on-Wet systems please contact your nearest Terraco representative for more information.

These products are also suitable for use on fibre cement roof sheets.


The Product Range


Tileshield will not crack or peel, will remain flexible, colour stable and offer surface protection for over 10 years.


Quality standards
Tileshield complies to:

  • DIN EN ISO 53504 - Elongation at Break
  • DIN EN ISO 7783-2 - Water Vapour Transmission
  • DIN EN ISO 1062/3 - Water Permeability
  • DIN EN ISO 4624 – Pull-Off Test for Adhesion


Maintenance: Why restore roofs with Renu-Tile for your maintenance project?
Because Renu-Tile will:

  • Extend the life span of your roof tiles
  • Improve the appearance of your roof tiles
  • Rebuild the original surface protection
  • Help increase the value of your property by looking prestine
  • Make it easier to use for the professional painter or DIY enthusiast
  • Provide great savings as it is cheaper than replacing your roof

Terraco’s Renu-Tile, sold via retailers, is the ideal solution for giving your roof a makeover.


Colour Selection
The standard colours are tinted with non-organic pigments, which ensures the excellent colour durability. However, bespoke colours can be produced for concrete roof tile manufacturers to their specifications.


Please contact your Terraco representative for further information.