Terraco proudly offers the following product systems:


Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems

Also referred to as EWI or ETICS. Energy efficient thermal wrapping systems applied to the exterior surfaces of a building and finished with a long-life, decorative and protective coating system.


Acoustic Systems

High-performance, low VOC, non-combustible acoustic plasters for ceilings.


Interior Plastering Systems

Spray-applied surface preparation compounds for walls and ceilings.


Addagrip Flooring Systems

Resin bonded and resin bound surfacing and flooring systems ideal for landscaping projects, driveways and industrial application.


Sports Flooring Systems

Technically advanced performance sports floor coatings suitable for use on tennis courts, basketball courts, volley ball, and other demanding applications.


Anti-carbonation Systems

Vapogard™ AC220 is a high performance anti-carbonation system which concentrates on using barrier coatings to protect concrete from the ingress of water and CO₂.


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