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Terraco produces and markets a comprehensive range of performance tile adhesive grades and a range of general purpose grades.

The high performance cementitious and acrylic paste tile adhesives consist of a full range of European Standards EN 12004 / EN 12002 compliant products. These architecturally specified performance products are available under the Terrafix and Terrapaste brands.

Terrafix is a range of easy to apply, high performance polymer-modified cementitious adhesives for bonding various types of tiles and natural stone to floors and walls, for internal and external use. Suitable for all types of climate.


Terrapaste™ is a range of easy to apply, high performance ready-mixed (paste) acrylic adhesives for fixing various types of tiles to walls, both internally and externally. Terrapaste™ is not suitable for prolonged saturation areas such as floors, swimming pools, and basins. 

EN compliant tile adhesive products are classified depending upon the composition and performance characteristics of the material.



Using these tables you can select the tile adhesive most suitable to meet your performance requirements, be it a wall or a floor. For information relating to waterproofing systems below tiles please visit our waterproofing page.

Terrafix™ Grades EN Classification



For more detailed technical information, please refer to the Technical Data Sheets below or download the Terraco Tiling brochures available on this page.


Please contact your Terraco representative for further assistance.

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