Fire-safety within the Construction Industry: How Terraco manages to stay at the forefront of this discussion?


Terraco has always been at the forefront of creating products for the construction industry that are not only environmentally friendly, but also structure and user friendly. Our research and development team are proud to always understand the need of the industry before it becomes a mandate.

Previously, bituminous coatings were used frequently in the region on primary substrates for waterproofing of building facades. During the spate of fire incidents in the region, it was found that these coatings propagated building envelope fires during a fire incident.

 In 2018, the UAE Fire and Safety Code requirement under section 4.5.1 Coatings on Primary Surface, sub-section mandated that “Bitumen, bituminous products and flammable agents as anti-corrosion or water-proofing coatings shall not be applied on primary substrates, either on metals or concrete. Bitumen has a fire point of 1750 C and propagates building envelope fires.”

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This mandate led to the need of a non-bituminous façade coating within the construction industry, and as Terraco always believes in being a step ahead of the competition, the organization was the first to launch a permanent and environmentally friendly solution, as an alternative to a bituminous based moisture barrier behind aluminium and glass cladding.

Terraco Terraseal™ is a weather resistant, moisture barrier and vapour permeable, permanent external coating system for facades and is an ASTM E84 Class-A fire rated product with “zero” surface burning & “zero” smoke development.

Testing is paramount to ensure fire-safety within the construction industry.

Terraco likes to constantly evaluate its product portfolio and one of the most important factors to ensure system efficiency is to get international and local certifications for our products. This not only ensures teams are abreast with the fire safety regulations but also guarantees that Terraco systems are constantly improving and getting better at ensuring fire safety within structures.

One such instance is the recent development in South Africa where Terraco’s Exterior Insulation Finishing System, the EIFS Alpha became the first external cladding system to pass the SANS 8414-2-2017 fire performance test standard in the country. The test means that the specified Terraco EIFS Alpha system is suitable for use on the fire rated substrate of Light weight Steel Frame (LSF) with non-combustible sheathing boards.

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Fire safety is not only about choosing the right materials, but also the right solution partner.

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For fire-safety, it is also important to ensure that the products and the systems are sourced from reputable and certified suppliers. In EIFS systems, it is not only important to choose the right insulation materials and finishing solutions, but also that it is specified and installed correctly by well-reputed and certified manufacturers.

Other examples include Terraco Weathercoat Seal, an air & moisture barrier and Terracoat Textured Coatings which are an envelope for exterior facades and EIFS systems. The solutions are certified with an ASTM E84 fire rating.All of Terraco systems and products that are installed as part of an EIFS system are extensively tested and certified by third party certification companies. Terraco also has a wide range of ASTM E84 Class A Fire Rated products along with the Terraco EIFS Perma system that uses Mineral Wool as its insulation material.