A ready-mixed acrylic paste mixed with cement on site (ratio 1:1) and thereafter used as a dual purpose insulation board adhesive and basecoat.

Application Method: Trowel
Grades: Acrylic

Product Overview

Styrobond is a basecoat and adhesive for the TERRACO EIFS system. It is supplied as a paste to which cement is added. It shows excellent adhesion between substrate and expanded polystyrene boards when used as an adhesive. It also provides an excellent basecoat for embedding glass fibre mesh on top of which EIFS finishing coat is applied.


  • Water resistant
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Good flexural strength
  • Good impact resistance
  • Easy to use

Areas Of Use

Styrobond is used as an adhesive between mineral substrates and expanded polystyrene boards (EPS boards). Styrobond is used as an embedding mortar applied over the EPS boards to embed the glass fibre mesh prior to application of finish coats.

Application Method

Mixing Instructions:
Styrobond is mixed in the following ratio: 25kg Styrobond:25kg cement:1.5-2.0ltr water
It is mixed using a high speed drill, allowed to stand for 10 minutes, remixed and used.

Application Method:
When used as an adhesive, apply to the EPS board and press into place using a level. Do not allow adhesive to skin before fixing in place. When used as an embedding mortar apply a coat of Styrobond mix to the EPS board and embed the mesh using a trowel. Apply another coat of mix to the surface to ensure full cover of the mesh and an overall thickness of approximately 3mm.

Clean tools and equipment with water after use.

Available Grades

Product Name Product Code
Styrobond 65210