Superwood™ is a high-quality exterior decorative wall finish which replicates the appearance of wood.

Application Method: Brush Roller

Product Overview

Superwood™ is a high-quality, durable, water-based, exterior decorative wall finish which replicates the appearance of wood.

With the ever increasing need to preserve our world’s natural resources such as wood, Superwood™ provides consultants with an environmentally friendly option when creating wood feature elements on a building. The final appearance is very much in the hands of the applicator as they create the “wood look”.

The product is available in a bespoke range of colours to give designers the choice to create something distinctive.


Superwood™ is a wall finish system for interior and exterior application to create wood like effect with color combination of Superwood™ (basecoat) BC and Superwood™ (top coat) TC with the following properties:

  • Suitable for interior and exterior applications – allows substrate to breathe
  • Extremely resistant to weather conditions.
  • Resistant to UV, salt laden air and industrial pollutants
  • Highly resistant to atmospheric pollution – remains cleaner for longer

Areas Of Use

Superwood™ can be applied over levelled surfaces to replicate wood appearance in the following areas:

  • Used to replicate a wooden texture
  • Ideal for feature walls
  • Cementitious rendered walls, concrete and cement fibre boards
  • Ideal for use as a decorative finish on Terraco EIFS

Application Method

Preparation of surface:

New / Old surfaces: Ensure that all dust, dirt and foreign matter are scraped and brushed away. Also ensure the surfaces are free from salts, oil, grease and ridges. Protect all adjacent surfaces not to be covered. All cracks, chips, voids and damages should be repaired with Handycoat Exterior (for exterior application) or Handycoat Fine/ Handycoat interior Stucco Putty (for interior application). Sand down the surface to ensure it is smooth and even. Remove all dust.

Application and Cleaning of Tools:

  1. Apply two coats of Superwood™ BC uniformly by brush, roller or spray, leaving drying time of 4-6 hours between the coats. Ensure that second coat application of Superwood™ BC gives uniform colour to the substrate.
  2. Allow final coat of Superwood™ BC to dry overnight.
  3. Ensure that surface temperature is below 25°C prior to application of Superwood™ TC.
  4. Apply Superwood™ TC by brush/fine roller followed by pattern creation, using different designing tools, to create a “wood like” effect, according to approved site mock-up sample.
  5. Allow to dry for 24-48 hours. A 20-30% retarder solution can be added in Superwood™ TC colours to extend the application time of Superwood™ TC.
  6. Clean tools and equipment with water after use.

Designing the texture to give a wooden effect:

  1. In order to achieve desired appearance, it is strongly recommended to work with
    experienced and professional painters and decorators.
  2. Superwood™ system is designed for creating feature areas replicating wood effect. It is recommended that the area to be coated should be divided into smaller panel sizes using masking tape joints or grooves for a better uniform finish as continuous
    application over large areas is extremely difficult to achieve.
  3. It is recommended that the area should be prepared with tape joints. This allows any touch-ups/repairs required to the appearance to be done easily.
  4. Do not apply if rain is expected over the next 24 hours (for each coat application).
  5. Drying time depends on site conditions.


Superwood Brochure

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Available Grades

Product Name Product Code
Superwood BC 61875
Superwood TC 61874
Retarder Solution 61876