Terracoat Standard

A medium build textured coating applied by roller / spray – the medium build spray finish is most popular.

Application Method: Roller Spray Spatula
Grades: Acrylic

Product Overview

An extremely popular finish, Terracoat Standard is a medium build textured spray or roller applied finish. The medium build spray pattern is a most popular finish as it replicates a gentle textured appearance with a rich full-bodied colour. It enhances any building with its richness of colour and texture. Being a full-bodied pigmented coating it is ideal for over coating and disguising substrate imperfections.


• A medium build sandy texture.
• Outstanding flexible qualities.
• Extremely tough and durable. (ASTM 4060)
• Excellent weather and UV resistance.
• Vapour permeable allowing substrate to breathe. (ASTM E96)
• Excellent impact and abrasion resistance.
• Water based and environmentally friendly.

Areas Of Use

• Designed for exterior application.
• Easily disguises substrate imperfections.
• Suitable for cementitious substrates, cement fibre boards, and on top of Sprayplaster, and more.
• Suitable for use on almost any type of building, from public transport, education facilities and universities, to office complexes.
• Spray or roller applied to create a gentle textured appearance.

Application Method

Prepare substrate by removing all loose and friable matter. Stop and fill where necessary. Ensure that the surface is clean, dry and sound.

New Work
Roller apply one coat of Terraco P Primer Pigmented and allow to cure. Apply Terraco Terracoat Standard / Terracoat Sil Standard / Terracoat Flex Standard (select required performance option*) to colour and texture allowing for drying times between coats, as per approved architectural sample.

Protect all adjacent areas not to be covered. All cracks, chips, voids and damages should be repaired with an appropriate filler. Prepare by removing all loose and flaking paint, grease, dirt and grime. Spot prime exposed areas appropriately. Proceed as for new work.

Application Videos

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Terracoat Standard Brochure

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Available Grades

Product Name Product Code
Terracoat Standard 61350