Terraco Terraseal™ is a non bituminous, weather resistant, moisture barrier & vapour permeable, permanent waterproof coating for facades.

Application Method: Brush Spray
Grades: Cementitious

Product Overview

Terraco Terraseal™ is a non bituminous, weather resistant, moisture barrier & vapour permeable, permanent waterproof coating for facades.

It is a specially developed 2-component polymer modified cementitious, permanent external coating system for facades prior to curtain wall, aluminum cladding, EIFS installation or any non-load bearing assemblies.

Based on the Fire and Safety Code requirements for various countries for facade protection coatings, Terraco offers a permanent and environmentally friendly solution, as an alternative to a bituminous based moisture barier behind aluminium and / or glass cladding, with Terracoat Terraseal, an ASTM E84 Class-A fire rated product with “0” surface burning & “0” smoke development.

The product is supplied as a 2-component, powder (cement based) and resin (acrylic based) system, to be mixed on site before application.

This cementitious acrylic waterproofing slurry is easily applied by brush or spray to give a firm, flexible, jointless waterproof and protective coating.


TerrasealTM is a polymer modified cementitious waterproof coating, supplied in two components, as a liquid resin and powder to be mixed on site before application.

Terraseal Resin – based on acrylic resins resistant to alkalinity.

Terraseal Powder – based on special cements, precisely graded fillers, wetting agents and adhesion promoters. Below are its properties:

  • Low VOC
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Seamless permanent waterproofing
  • Tough durable coating
  • Good adhesion to dimensionally stable substrates
  • Resistant to alkalinity
  • Vapour permeable – allows substrate to breathe
  • No water addition required
  • No erosion or cracking
  • DCD & GBRS approved product
  • ASTM E84 Class A fire rated (“0” surface burning & “0” smoke development)

Areas Of Use

Terraseal is suitable for waterproofing concrete and masonry substrates prior to application of Terraco Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS) or any nonload bearing assemblies like curtain wall systems.

Terraseal is also suitable for waterproofing of cement fiber boards.

Application Method


Ensure substrates are clean and sound. Remove all existing coatings, cement laitance, unsound, honeycombing and spalling concrete by suitable mechanical means. All dust, dirt and loose materials must be thoroughly removed by brush, broom or vacuum from the areas to be coated. Grind off all ridges & sharp projections. Scrap off all flaking material & remove oils, grease and other adhesion inhibiting substances. Rinse the substrate and while its damp, apply Terraseal.


Mixing Ratios and Process

15kg powder: 5kg resin. Add powder to resin and use a high speed mixer with spiral head attachment to achieve a lump free homogeneous mix.

Tools may be cleaned with water, ensure this is done within one hour of mixing of materials.

It is recommended to mix full kits only. Place the resin in a clean mixing vessel then slowly add the powder while mixing for at least 3 minutes with a slow speed mixer (200-600 rpm) until the mix is completely homogeneous and lump free.

Ensure the blade remains below the surface of the mixture to minimize the entrapment of air and that no powder remains unmixed on the sides and in the corners of the mixing vessel.

Leave to stand for at least 5 minutes to release any entrapped air. Mix again for 30 seconds before application. During application ensure occasional stirring to keep the aggregates in suspension.

Notes: Do not add water to adjust or re-temper the mix. When bulk mixing; only mix required kits of Terraseal that can be used within its pot life.

Application procedure

  • Ensure all dirt and foreign matter are cleaned off the areas to be coated.
  • Remove any ridges or form oil. Dusty or flaking surfaces must be cleaned thoroughly, then primed with Penetrating Primer Clear or Terrabond A
    (diluted 1:3 with water).
  • Apply Terraseal onto the water saturated substrate in a minimum of 2 coats, each at right angles to the other; to achieve a total thickness of 1.0-1.5 mm.
  • Do not re-temper mixed Terraseal with additional water.
  • For spray application please consult your local Terraco Technical Department. If spraying, add only enough water to bring product to the correct
    sprayable consistency.
  • During brush application, ensure that the Terraseal slurry mix is pressed firmly onto the substrate to ensure maximum adhesion and that all pinholes,
    cracks, honeycombing etc. are thoroughly filled and sealed.


Terraseal Brochure

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Available Grades

Product Name Code
Terraseal 68637