Terraco. Build Better.

For over 40 years, Terraco has been developing innovative class leading solutions for the construction industry. Our focus, however, has never veered away from sustainability and producing low or ultra-low VOC products that are in compliance with international standards.

Terraco’s values of Innovation, Excellence and Life are at the core of the company’s thought process. Also at the core of our values is our commitment towards helping customers build better by creating innovative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions that allow quicker and longer-lasting results.

We Believe in Solutions

We create sustainable, tailor-made solutions by working closely with customers to understand their perspectives and needs. The aim is not just to solve problems but also to Build Better by ensuring that our solutions do not negatively impact other aspects of our fragile ecosystem.

In accordance with this belief, Terraco offers Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) such as Terraco EIFS Alpha, Nova and Perma which not only help customers protect their exterior facades but also benefit from energy savings of up to 50%. Moreover, energy efficient buildings together help countries meet their Green Building targets, helping to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprints and ultimately protecting the environment from the impact of the harsh effects of global warming.

Terraco also offers the Ambient Acoustic Ceiling System which reduces sound propagation and reverberation within a room. These systems positively contribute to an improved interior living environment.

We Believe in Innovations

Innovation is at the core of what we do. These innovations are spearheaded by the Terraco Technical Centre in Ireland, which coordinates the efforts of all technical personnel across the group, driving cooperation with international technology partners and conducting joint research projects. This enables us to Build Better and to address future challenges.

We Believe in Sustainability

We are driven to building a better, sustainable world, with a clear commitment to future generations. 100% of our products are water-based – keeping our living spaces free from harmful chemicals and emissions. We believe in sustainability through better products for a better world. Our Terraco Ecolife range of products are free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, APEO, heavy metals and other potentially harmful chemicals. These water-based, solvent-free innovations contain specially developed polymers and additives that ensure their ecologically friendly nature. The EcoLife range complies with the most stringent international health and environment regulations and are third party certified.

We Believe in Building Faster

Saving of time is also an important aspect of sustainable, low-waste construction. By producing highly versatile products, we empower multiple industries to accelerate construction activities. Our high-performance products support efficient, dynamic and modern techniques like pre-fab and modular construction to save time, resources and costs.

Terraco’s products are engineered in collaboration with modular manufacturers to help solve real world issues in modular construction.

One such range is Terrascreed, Terraco’s self-levelling flooring compounds which ensures flooring surfaces can be fast-tracked and made level, smooth and ready for further works and final finishes on time. All our products are designed to help expedite the production process. An important aspect of building faster is Terraco’s capability to create customised solutions keeping in mind the specific requirements of modular manufacturers. These bespoke solutions are focused on saving time and costs while offering class-leading quality for world renowned projects across the world.

At Terraco, we believe in working closely with customers to ensure they can achieve their goals and complete projects on time. Terraco is committed to helping customers, build better structures and better buildings. TERRACO. BUILD BETTER.

You can view/download the Build Better Brochure by clicking here.