Terraco EIFS Nova

The Terraco EIFS Nova is a new addition to the existing Terraco EIFS systems in the Middle East. It is primarily specified by architects and consultants for EIFS renovation projects which often require thinner insulation boards, due to space considerations.

The Phenolic foam insulation board used in the Nova system has a very low thermal conductivity 0.020 w/(mk), hence a thinner board can be specified, if required, in place of the Terraco alternative Terraco EIFS Alpha (EPS) and Terraco EIFS Perma (MW) Systems.

With Phenolic board



To determine the thickness of the insulation material required in your Terraco EIFS System you need to determine the Thermal Resistance (R) value required to achieve the required U-Value. The lower the U-Value, the better insulation and performance you get from the system.

Terraco EIFS uses insulation materials with low thermal conductivity (λ) to get low U-values and reduce thermal bridging.

Insulation Board Thickness (mm)  Thermal Conductivity
 Thermal Resistance
Thermal Transmittance
0.02 2.00



The Terraco EIFS Nova System is defined as a Mechanically fixed System with Supplementary adhesive This EIFS System consists of what is referred to as system components, with the Phenolic insulation being fixed to the substrate using a combination of adhesives, mechanical fasteners, reinforced with a basecoat and glass fibre mesh, and finished with a decorative wall coating.


The Terraco Nova System consists of the following system components:

Product Name Description

Standard Components


Terraco Styrofix A supplementary adhesive used to level and fix the Phenolic board to the substrate.
Phenolic Board The insulation material thickness is determined by the thermal performance required.
Mechanical Fasteners ETAG 014 Certified Plastic fasteners with steel pin dowels are used to fix the Phenolic foam to the substrate, which resist high wind suction loads at building corners and exposed areas typically at higher levels.
System Profiles A range of accessories required for strengthening and finishing the system – for finishing around window and door openings, and window sills.
Terraco Styrobond DP The basecoat that is reinforced with a layer of EIFS Glass Fibre Mesh.
EIFS Glass Fibre Mesh A reinforcing EIFS Glass Fibre Mesh.
Primer A basecoat substrate penetrating primer – Terraco P Primer.
Decorative Finish A high performance, decorative wall coating which is sometimes finished with a clear or pigmented top coat.



Another benefit of EIFS is the option to add architectural detailing that are composed of the same materials. EIFS mouldings, or as they are sometimes referred to stucco mouldings, come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. They are traditionally formed using EPS / G-EPS and are widely used on residential or commercial projects to allow architects to stylise the particular building. Please consult with your Terraco representative in this regard, as production methods allow manufacturers of the insulation materials to create mouldings and other shapes and forms with great efficiency in a cost effective manner, and as the architectural drawings do not show this type of detailing as this is done on a project to project basis.



The installation of Terraco EIFS needs to be done by an Approved Terraco EIFS Applicator to ensure the validity of the Terraco International EIFS Guarantee. The installation process is fundamental to achieving the best possible results from Terraco EIFS, and failure to follow these requirements could lead to problems with the system or ultimately failure of the system itself.