Terraco becomes a member of the European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (EAE)

Terraco is now a member of the European Association for External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (EAE).

As a member of EAE, Terraco will be working with its partners to develop the market, communicate the advantages of the External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) and Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems(EIFS) to its stakeholders, work with technical teams across the globe to develop the systems approach and constantly improve through extensive research and testing.

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EAE supports the process of harmonisation and standardisation allowing its members operating internationally to benefit from a barrier-free market. This empowers all the members to share their long-term experience across borders and combine their cumulative knowledge in the industry to implement norms that ensure safe use of ETICS and EIFS. Terraco intends to efficiently utilise this opportunity to work with other members within EAE to make this a successful partnership for the growth of the insulation systems in the construction industry.

Terraco has been pioneering the development and production of ETICS and EIFS since the 1980’s and has numerous international quality certifications and approvals. Some of these include EOTA (European), BBA (British Agrément), the US FED Specification Certification, as well as certifications from Ireland, Russia, Turkey, China, Korea and the UAE. The versatility and durability of Terraco’s insulation systems makes it ideal for new build as well as renovation projects.

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Fairmont Hotel and Serviced Apartments, Abu Dhabi, UAE uses Terraco EIFS Perma finished with Terracoat Suede

Terraco strongly believes in supporting the Green Building initiatives related to conserving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. Terraco EIFS systems offers up to 50% energy saving compared to an uninsulated building, therefore providing an efficient solution for buildings to meet their required energy code, which helps contribute immensely towards the Green Building initiative.

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These systems help achieve a proven reduction in U-values, ensuring the buildings create a smaller carbon footprint over their lifetime, thereby enabling long life building performance and better living comfort. EAE shares these beliefs on Green Buildings and encourages the awareness of the benefits achieved through proper and safe installation of EIFS / ETICS systems.

This partnership is an integral milestone for Terraco’s journey to become more active in the European EIFS / ETICS market and to work more closely with the value chain partners within the industry.