Exterior Special Effect Coatings

Architects and concept designers are continuously looking to push the creative and innovative boundaries of architectural decorative finishes for their iconic projects. Terraco remains at the forefront of formulating and developing products to meet these demands with a compilation of individually styled, new generation Exterior Special Effect Coatings.

These products are developed while keeping in mind the ever increasing need to preserve the world’s natural resources, to do away with harmful VOCs (volatile organic chemicals), and to upcycle by making high-performance Green coatings even more sustainable.

These products are typically applied to a suitably sand and cement render, concrete or cement fibre boards. Some of these products can be used as part of the decorative finish for a Terraco EIFS System (reference is made to this fact when the product is presented below).

The basket of Exterior Special Effect Coatings includes the following products:

A high-quality, durable, water-based, exterior decorative wall finish which replicates the appearance of wood. With the ever increasing need to preserve our world’s natural resources such as wood, Superwood provides consultants with an environmentally friendly option when creating wood feature elements on a building. The final appearance is very much in the hands of the applicator as they create the “wood look”. The product is available in a bespoke range of colours to give designers the choice to create something distinctive.

Silshine Metallic
A premium quality, mid-sheen, exterior masonry decorative topcoat finish based on acrylic and silicone polymers and pearlescent pigments, which provide a unique metallic lustre finish. In line with Terraco’s philosophy on building Green, this eco-friendly waterbased product, used as part of any of the Terraco EIFS Systems contributes to sustainable building practices, and in particular energy efficiency in buildings, which has become a key benchmark of a successful building design.

Terralite Artstone
A liquid granite effect coating system designed to realistically simulate granite stone for application on Terraco Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS). It can also be used on other construction surfaces such as concrete, sand-cement render, and cement fibre board. Terralite Artstone is available in a range of attractive granite finishes which allow the designer to create exciting exterior facades without compromising on the insulation properties of Terraco EIFS.

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