With the cost of energy becoming more and more prohibitive the world is looking at ways to reduce these costs and at the same time to preserve precious energy resources. Terraco EIFS provides the solution! For over 35 years, as a leader in reducing a building’s impact on the environment, Terraco EIFS offers a cost effective solution to this problem by reducing your energy bills and saving on harmful greenhouse emissions.

During the 1990’s the problems traditionally associated with these types of insulation building systems in the 1950’s to 1970’s were addressed and resolved. Today the EIFS / ETICS / EWI building systems account for a large percentage of the global construction industry. Terraco provides an Exterior Insulation Finishing System that complies and exceeds international quality standards.

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Terraco has created facade insulation systems (EIFS and ICF) using various insulation materials or boards to meet different climatic conditions and / or building requirements typically found today.


EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) is typically the most cost effective board used today, while Graphite enhanced (G-EPS) offers 10% more thermal efficiency and is suited to renovation work.

XPS (Extruded Polystyrene) is ideally suited for hot humid climates using air conditioning where XPS’s low vapour permeability is a distinct advantage reducing condensation on the walls. Furthermore, because of its enhanced mechanical properties it can also be used in high traffic areas, or in areas where a ‘thinner’ insulation material is required. For example, around an opening such as a window or door.

MW (Mineral Wool) is popular in cold and damp climates, such as Russia, where enhanced breathability is required, especially when insulating structures or old buildings which have high levels of moisture. It is also suitable when additional fire resistance is required. The Perma system uses highly vapour permeable (breathable) decorative renders such as Terracoat Sil or Terol to finish the system.

ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) is a construction system which can be used for both residential and commercial construction purposes. As the building is constructed using expanded polystyrene ‘blocks” (ICF), this provides insulation for both the exterior and interior walls. These wall are then finished using basecoats, reinforced with mesh, and various decorative finishes.