Flexicoat is a liquid acrylic elastomeric waterproof coating for roofing applications

Application Method: Brush Spray
Grades: Acrylic Flex

Product Overview

A one-pack, positive pressure, roof coating which provides a highly flexible waterproof coating with excellent weather resistance and long life flexibility. Ideally suited for use in areas with extreme climatic conditions. It is applied by brush or spray and after drying can be walked upon uncovered.


Flexicoat is a blend of weather resistant pigments, fillers and acrylic resins with the following properties:

  • Waterproof and weatherproof coating.
  • Allows surface to breath while remaining strongly anchored to the substrate.
  • Provides a seamless coating.
  • High flexibility.
  • Fast drying.
  • Reflects Ultra-Violet (light) rays.

Areas Of Use

Flexicoat is designed for application on roofs constructed from a wide variety of materials, i.e. concrete, light weight concrete, roof tiles, wood, galvanised steel, asphalt and asbestos cement. Ensure a slope of 1:75 is maintained to avoid ponding.

Application Method


Ensure dust, dirt and foreign matter are removed from roof surfaces. All cracks should be made good with TERRACO Acrylic Filler. Before overcoating old substrates in humid tropical areas surfaces should first be washed down with a solution of household bleach 12 hours before re- coating to prevent the re-growth of fungi and algae.


If substrate is porous, it is best to use TERRACO Penetrating Primer prior to Flexicoat application.


Flexicoat can be applied by spray or brush, embedding glass fibre scrim in areas which require reinforcement. Allow to dry and apply another coat to give an overall consumption of approximately 1-1.5kg/m2. Do not apply if rain is threatening, as Flexicoat is not resistant to rain until fully dry.

Clean tools and equipment with water after use.


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