Maxi Tile Paste

Maxi Tile Paste is a ready-mixed, economical, high quality, all-purpose acrylic adhesive for tiles and clinkers.

Application Method: Spatula Trowel

Product Overview

Maxi Tile Paste is an economical, high quality, all-purpose acrylic adhesive for tiles and clinkers. It is ideally suited for use on exterior and interior surfaces of concrete, plasterboard, etc.

Maxi Tile Paste is ready-mixed and easy to apply by notched trowel.


Maxi Tile Paste is formulated from a mixture of precisely graded, crushed fillers, with an acrylic binder and special additives to improve plasticity and adhesion.

Areas Of Use

Maxi Tile Paste can be used on walls of fairfaced concrete, lightweight concrete, plasterboard, chipboard, plywood, gypsum wall, sand and cement plasters and screeds.

Maxi Tile Paste is not suitable for prolonged saturation areas such as floors, swimming pools etc.

For such areas treat as follows:

  • Take a weight of cement equal to 25% of the weight of the Maxi Tile Paste to be used.
  • Slurry this cement, using a Cement : Water ratio of 3:1.
  • Incorporate this slurry gradually into the Maxi Tilepaste , ensuring that it is thoroughly and evenly mixed in.

Application Method

Preparation of Surface

Ensure that the surface is level and all dust, dirt and foreign matter are brushed and scraped away. Also ensure the surface is solid and free from salts, oil, grease and ridges. All cracks, chips, voids and damages should be repaired with an appropriate filler. Terraco Acrylic Filler or Terramix (for cementitious materials) is recommended. Absorbent or porous surface and plasterboards should be primed with TERRACO Penetrating Primer.

Application & Cleaning of tools

Apply Maxi Tilepaste in a layer approximately 3mm thick to the surface with the smooth side of a notched trowel. Pull the notched edge of the trowel through the applied layer. Push and twist the tiles into place so that complete adhesion is established. Fix tiles before the adhesive layer is surface dry. Plan work accordingly. Do not allow a “skin” to form on the surface of applied adhesive. Clean tools and equipment with water after use.

Clean tools and equipment with water after use

Cleaning of tools

Remove excess adhesive from the face of the tile with a wet sponge before the adhesive dries.

Expansion joints

Expansion joints, when necessary, should be incorporated at the design stage.

Available Grades

Product Name Code
Maxi Tile Paste 65610