Terrapaste P12

General purpose, non-slump ceramic and mosaic tile adhesive for use on all type of interior walls such as gypsum board, cement based render, tile backer board.

EN Classification D1T

Application Method: Trowel Spatula
Grades: Acrylic

Product Overview

Introducing Terrapaste P12, a versatile, high-performance acrylic tile adhesive designed for a seamless and effortless application experience. This general-purpose, non-slump adhesive is perfect for use on all types of interior walls, including gypsum board, cement-based render, and tile backer board. With its EN Classification D1T, Terrapaste P12 meets the stringent requirements of EN12004, ensuring excellent adhesion and lasting results.

Applicable by trowel or spatula, Terrapaste P12 exhibits remarkable non-slump characteristics, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of masonry substrates such as gypsum board and sand/cement render. What truly sets this adhesive apart is its environmentally friendly EcoLife formulation, which is free of solvents, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals. As a member of the Terraco EcoLife product group, Terrapaste P12 is dedicated to minimizing environmental impact while maintaining exceptional performance.

Discover the numerous benefits of Terrapaste P12, including its excellent adhesion, easy workability, non-slump properties, and eco-conscious formulation. Experience the difference in quality and reliability that Terraco’s innovative solutions bring to your next tiling project.


  • Good adhesion
  • Easy workability
  • Non-slump
  • Environmentally friendly ecoLIFE formulation.

Areas Of Use

General purpose non-slump ceramic and mosaic tile adhesive for use on all type of interior walls such as gypsum board, cement based render, tile backer board.

Application Method

Preparation of Surface

New surfaces: Ensure that all dust, dirt and foreign matter are scraped and brushed away. Also ensure the surfaces are free from salts, oil, grease and ridges. Protect all adjacent surfaces not to be covered. All cracks, chips, voids and damages should be repaired with Terraco Handycoat Exterior.

Old surfaces: Before applying to old surfaces, ensure the substrate is firm. First wash down the surface with a sugar soap solution, rinse and allow to dry before repairing or applying the primer.

Application & Cleaning of tools

Apply Terrapaste P12 in a layer approximately 3mm thick to the surface with the smooth side of a notched trowel. Pull the trowel through the applied layer using the notched side. Push and twist the tiles into place so that full adherence is obtained. Fix tiles before the adhesive layer is surface dry. Plan work accordingly.

Do not allow a “skin” to form on the surface of applied adhesive.

Clean tools and equipment with water after use

Cleaning of tools

Remove excess adhesive from the face of the tile with a wet sponge before the adhesive dries.

Expansion joints

Expansion joints, when necessary, should be incorporated at the design stage.

Available Grades

Product Name Code
Terrapaste P12 65117