Sprayplaster BC (Basecoat)

Sprayplaster BC is a spray applied basecoat levelling plaster used on all common types of interior building surfaces to level and rectify irregularities. Available in Beige and Natural White.

Application Method: Spatula Spray
Grades: Cementitious

Product Overview

Sprayplaster is a range of ready-mixed and polymer modified cementitious, spray applied plasters. Sprayplaster has been applied on millions of square metres of walls and ceilings around the globe every year. These are long-life products with guaranteed performance.

Designed for thin coat application, Sprayplaster significantly reduce the deadweight of buildings – 10mm of Sprayplaster will weigh approximately 18 kg/m² while a traditional plaster, applied at the typical minimum thickness of 15mm, will weigh approximately 33 kg/m². A weight reduction of 45%!

Sprayplaster BC is an acrylic based, polymer modified, ready-mixed rendering compound to level and rectify irregularities up to 10mm in thickness, when applied in multiple coats at a maximum thickness of 5mm per application.

It acts as a filler basecoat and will need to be finished off by overcoating with Sprayplaster Finishcoat or Maxispray FC  for interior dry areas.


TERRACO Sprayplaster Basecoat is a ready-mixed compound formulated from a selected blend of acrylic polymers and precisely graded fillers.

The products are:

  • Easy to use
  • Do not flake off
  • Have high adhesion power
  • Have high coverage
  • Quick drying
  • Vapour permeable

Areas Of Use

• For interior applications
• Used on all common types of new or old interior building surfaces
• Ideal for solid surfaces of pre-cast concrete (particularly ceilings), aerated concrete, sand / cement, fair-faced and level brickwork

Application Method

Stoppage of work:

When work stops for short periods, simply immerse the spray gun in water, wash around the top of machine and cover remaining Sprayplaster with a thin layer of water. When work resumes, remove the excess water from the machine and commence spraying.


Terraco Sprayplaster Basecoat is ready for use, but can be diluted with 2-3 % water if required. Patch and repair uneven/damaged surfaces. Spray the first coat and level with steel edged spatula. Excess material on the spatula should be returned to the machine. If required, apply a second coat of Sprayplaster Basecoat. Finish the surface with 1 or 2 coats of Sprayplaster Finishcoat.

Clean tools and equipment with water after use.


Sprayplaster Brochure

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Available Grades

Product Color Code
Beige 63460
White 63461