Terragrout G11

Terragrout G11 is a CG1 polymer modified water resistant ceramic tile grout.

Application Method: Trowel

Product Overview

Terraco Terragrout G11 is a hard-wearing, water resistant ceramic tile grouting compound for interior and exterior use. Terragrout G11 is designed to fill joints up to 5mm in width. Terragrout G11 complies to the requirement as per EN 138888 and passes all tests required for CG1 classified grouts.


  • Crack-free jointing
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Clear fade resistant colours
  • Easy workability

Areas Of Use

General purpose coloured grout for use with tile joints <5mm, used with C1 adhesives

Application Method


Add about 6 litres of water to 20kg of Terragrout G11 and mix thoroughly to a thick and creamy consistency. Let it stand for 5 minutes, re-stir and apply.


Wait until the Terrafix has set (approx. 24 hours) before grouting. Apply Terragrout G11 diagonally into the joints with a rubber edged spatula. Remove excess grout with a moist sponge before drying. Do not apply Terragrout G11 to an area which is so large that it cannot be completed within an hour. Porous tiles should be moistened with water before grouting. After Terragrout G11 has dried and before it has hardened, polish the tiles with a clean, dry cloth leaving the joints flush with the tile. 24 hours after grouting, moisten the joints with a wet sponge.

Clean tools and equipment with water after use.

Available Grades

Product Name Code
Terragrout G11 75800