Holiday Inn Resort

Serving as an ode to modern comfort in an ancient setting, the Holiday Inn® Resort Dead Sea, Jordan is an exceptional testament to the application of Terraco’s innovative products. As a leader in the field, Terraco has been able to provide sustainable solutions tailored to withstand the unique conditions of this seaside resort.

In this 5-star hotel, Terraco’s Weathercoat GP was applied across various spaces to prevent water leakages, an essential aspect in the longevity and maintenance of the resort. With the intent to achieve a seamless integration of aesthetics and functionality, Terraco’s Terrafix was employed to secure decorative tiles within the resort’s swimming pool and other wet areas. This was complemented with the Terragrout G11 grouts, known for their exceptional quality.

Highlighting the resort’s exteriors, the Terracoat Fine was utilised. Ideal for climates with salt-laden air, this product enhanced the resort’s Mediterranean aesthetics while offering a durable solution. Its texture and versatility made it an optimal choice for this unique seaside resort, reinforcing the compatibility of the product with the regional climate and architectural needs.

With this project, Terraco once again demonstrated its commitment to delivering high-quality, durable solutions tailored to specific project requirements and environmental conditions. Through our innovative products and expertise, we are proud to contribute to the preservation and enhancement of world-renowned sites such as the Holiday Inn Resort at the Dead Sea, Jordan.