Lotte World Tower

  • Location
    Seoul, Republic of Korea
  • Project Type
    Mixed (Offices, Residences, Hotel)
  • Terraco Products / System
    Handycoat Interior ,Terracoat Excel
  • Project Size / Scope
    100,000 sq.m (Handycoat) and 250 sq.m (Terracoat)

Lotte World Tower, is a 123-story, 555 meter supertall skyscraper, located in Sincheon-dong, Seoul, South Korea. It is the sixth-tallest building in the world, one of the tallest in the region. It is also the first in South Korea to be over 100 stories tall.

Terraco is proud to showcase its contributions towards the iconic Lotte Tower in Seoul, Republic of Korea, a testament to modern architectural prowess and sustainable building practices. This skyscraper not only defines the skyline but also represents a benchmark for quality and innovation in building materials.

For this monumental project, approximately 100,000 sqm of the tower’s surfaces were treated with Terraco Handycoat. Handycoat is known for its superior finishing and levelling properties, making it an ideal choice for the vast surfaces of Lotte Tower. Its exceptional quality ensures long-lasting smoothness and resistance against environmental factors, aligning with the tower’s design ethos of durability and aesthetic appeal.

In addition to Handycoat, Terraco also supplied 250 sqm of Terracoat Nature for specialised areas of the tower. Terracoat Nature gives a distinctive wood-like exterior texture and is an advanced, environmentally friendly coating solution that combines aesthetics with ecological sensitivity.

This prestigious project not only showcases the versatility and superior performance of Terraco products but also reinforces Terraco’s position as a leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions that meet the global standards.