MUNS Landscape

Explore the MUNS Landscape project, featuring Terraco's Terralite Stone Coatings for a captivating and resilient exterior facade finish.

Introducing the MUNS Landscape Project: An Exemplary Application of Terralite Stone Coatings

Discover how Terraco’s Terralite Stone Coatings transformed the MUNS Landscape project in China, a striking high-rise development for both residential and commercial use. This innovative stone simulation coating was the ideal solution for the project, as it offered a stunning yet practical alternative to traditional marble or granite blocks.

Terralite Stone Coatings boast a plethora of features that make them the preferred choice for facade finishes. These coatings utilize naturally graded stone aggregates encapsulated in a clear resin binder, resulting in a visually captivating stone effect finish. Perfectly suited for multiple exterior applications, Terralite comes in a variety of multi-color finishes, ensuring that it complements any design vision.

Weather resistance, abrasion resistance, and UV stability are essential aspects of an exterior facade coating, and Terralite delivers on all fronts. This lightweight, washable, and impact-resistant coating provides excellent substrate protection, and its high resistance to chemical corrosion, salt-laden air, and fading ensures lasting beauty.

The MUNS Landscape project showcases the versatility of Terralite Stone Coatings, as they seamlessly blend form and function. By incorporating these exquisite stone simulation coatings into the design, the architects and contractors behind the project were able to elevate the aesthetic appeal and durability of the high-rise buildings.

If you’re seeking a stunning exterior facade coating or stone finish for your next project, look no further than Terraco’s Terralite Stone Coatings. Their unique combination of beauty, resilience, and practicality make them the ultimate choice for creating beautiful finishes that will stand the test of time.