Terralite Fine

A medium-high build trowel applied granular marble coating suitable for general masonry and Terraco EIFS.

Application Method: Trowel Spray

Product Overview

Marble has, since Roman times, been the symbol to reflect wealth and fine taste. Terralite Fine, created from finely graded natural colour based marble chippings bound in a transparent new generation resin, creates an appearance similar to natural ‘Dressed Granite’. It is an exceptional, decorative and durable natural marble coating, used as a cost effective alternative to natural marble. It is designed primarily for exterior surfaces to satisfy the most demanding architectural requirements.


• Excellent impact and abrasion resistance.
• Outstanding flexibility qualities.
• Excellent weather and UV resistance.
• Rapid drying properties in both low and high temperatures.
• Vapour permeable allowing substrate to breathe. (ASTM E96)
• Water based and environmentally friendly.

Areas Of Use

• Designed primarily for exterior use, but is often used internally on columns and feature walls.
• Can be applied to concrete, cement rendering, lightweight concrete, cement fibre boards, Sprayplaster as well as gypsum dry walls and chipboard.
• Used to simulate natural ‘Dressed Granite’.
• Extensively used on private villas, hotels and resorts, commercial complexes, retail centres, high-rise buildings and more.
• Ideal for Terraco EIFS.

Application Method

Prepare substrate by removing all loose and friable matter. Stop and fill where necessary. Ensure that the surface is clean, dry and sound.

New Work
Roller apply one coat of Terraco P Primer Pigmented and allow to cure. Roller apply one coat of Terraco Terralite Undercoat and allow to cure. Trowel apply Terraco Terralite Fine to colour and texture as per approved architectural sample.

Protect all adjacent areas not to be covered. All cracks, chips, voids and damages should be repaired with an appropriate filler. Prepare by removing all loose and flaking paint, grease, dirt and grime. Spot prime exposed areas appropriately. Proceed as for new work.


Terralite Brochure

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Terralite Fine Brochure

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