Terracoat Stain

Terracoat Stain is ready-mixed, elastomeric pigmented coating, especially designed as a topcoat for cementitious acrylic textured coatings such as our decorative renders.

It can also be used to overcoat pigmented and non-pigmented Terracoat Textured Coatings.

Application Method: Brush Roller Spray

Product Overview

When overcoating an existing textured wall coating, very often the customer wants to simply change the colour to give the building a fresh look, but still wants to maintain the existing texture. You can achieve this using Terracoat Stain.

This ready-mixed, low profile, pigmented topcoat imparts colour to the surface with minimum film build, thereby allowing the original textured appearance to be maintained. Terracoat Stain is also used as a topcoat for Terol mineral based products.

Using pure acrylic resins, fade resistant pigments and a high performance film preservative, it ensures a weather resistant film is achieved. This product is specifically formulated and designed for application as a topcoat for Terracoat Textured Coatings in these instances.


  • Available in a wide range of colours.
  • Excellent weather and UV resistance.
  • High opacity, low profile coating.
  • Provides an attractive mid sheen finish.
  • Excellent dirt pick-up resistance.
  • Environmentally friendly.

Areas Of Use

  • Used as a topcoat for Terol mineral based renders.
  • Used to rejuvenate existing Terracoat Textured Coating projects.
  • Ideal for large scale projects where final topcoats are required prior to hand over where non pigmented Terracoat has been used.
  • Applied by brush, roller or spray.

Application Method

Preparation of Surface

New Terracoat Substrate: Allow the Terracoat to dry for a period of 72 hours prior to application of Terracoat Stain. No priming is required

Old textured surfaces: Check surface for soundness and make good any damages. Remove any flaking material and apply fresh base texture. Clean surface with a soda/water solution and rinse with clean water. Treat any mould, fungus, algae with a sterilizing solution prior to application of a coat of Penetrating Primer.

Application & cleaning of tools

Terracoat Stain is applied on new and old substrates in 2 coats, using spray, roller or brush.

Clean tools and equipment with water after use.


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Available Grades

Pastel Mid Clear 61780 61782 61783 61784

Product Color Product Code
White 61223
Pastel 61225
Mid 61226
Clear 61227