Flexishield is a mid-sheen elastomeric performance paint for exterior substrates with excellent crack bridging properties.

Application Method: Brush Roller Spray

Product Overview

Flexishield is a mid-sheen elastomeric masonry paint with excellent weathering properties. It has the ability to bridge cracks unlike conventional masonry coatings. It also maintains flexibility over a wide range of temperatures making it suitable in extreme climatic conditions. Flexishield is based on a crosslinking acrylic polymer which allows it to form a low-tack surface that provides the coating with excellent dirt pick-up resistance.

Flexishield is available in the standard range of colours, special colours are available on request.


Flexishield is an elastomeric paint with the following features and advantages:

  • 100% acrylic – resistant to UV light giving excellent long term durability.
  • Permanent flexibility – has the ability to bridge cracks over a wide range of temperatures from -40oC to +50oC.
  • Tough film – because of the crosslinking of the polymer, high tensile strengths are achieved in the coating film.
  • Breathable – allows the structure to breath.
  • CO2 Barrier – helps to prevent concrete corrosion.

Dirt resistant chemistry – surface crosslinkage maintains a clean surface unlike other elastomeric coatings.

Areas Of Use

Flexishield can be used on new or old masonry surfaces. It is suitable for interior and exterior use. It is particularly useful over surfaces which have micro cracks, or on surfaces which may develop such cracks in the future.

Application Method

Preparation of Surface

Ensure that all dust, dirt and foreign matter are brushed and scraped away. Surface defects should be repaired with Terramix or Handycoat Exterior. Apply 1 coat of TERRACO Penetrating Primer to ensure the surface is sound and well bound. Old surfaces should be treated with a soda/water solution, rinsed and allowed to dry before application.

Application & cleaning of tools

When applying to old painted surfaces, first wash down with a soda/water solution, rinse and allow to dry before either patching or painting. Very porous substrates should be filled and may require a diluted first coat. Apply the paint by brush, roller or spray. The application operation should be continuous in order to avoid dry edges; therefore plan the application work accordingly.

Clean tools and equipment with water after use.

Available Grades

Product Color Product Code
White 61780
Pastel 61782
Mid 61783
Clear 61784