Terraco decorative wall finishes are a statement in architectural elegance with a variety in design, texture, style and colour.

Our range of Architectural Façade Coatings and finishes include:

Textured Finishes

Terraco’s range of quality decorative textured finishing products is distinguished by its environmentally friendly approach to high quality. Under the renowned brand name Terracoat™ Textured Coatings, these coatings provide architects, designers and consultants with a comprehensive range of decorative finishing options and design solutions.

Terracoat™ allows for an infinite variation in tone, texture, colour and effect – leading the global trend towards sophisticated, natural looking low profile to high build textured coatings.

Protective Topcoats

Terraco’s clear and pigmented range of topcoats further enhance and protect Terraco’s uniquely formulated architectural coatings, ensuring that these long life coatings are kept pristine for longer in some of today’s polluted environments.

These topcoats are ideal for over coating newly applied Terracoat Textured Coatings, Terralite Stone Coatings and other Terol mineral based renders, as well as when upgrading and rejuvenating an existing building coated in these type of products.

Please find below all our architectural facade finishes: