Ambient Acoustic Ceiling Systems

Terraco AmbientTM is a range of high-performance acoustic plastering compounds, available in dry-powder and ready-mix versions, used to finish acoustic systems on ceilings. Ambient™ Acoustic Systems have been used on numerous prestigious projects around the world.

Areas of Use

Terraco Ambient™ Acoustic Ceiling Systems are highly versatile, environmentally friendly, and non-combustible, allowing them to be used in a wide range of settings such as theatres, opera houses, reception areas, hotel lobbies, school classrooms, lecture halls, and domestic applications.


Terraco Ambient™ comes in a variety of aesthetically pleasing finishes with unique sound-controlling properties and is available in either regular or EcoLife versions. Read more on Terraco EcoLife.

80% Recycled Material

Terraco Ambient is produced using 80% recycled material, enhancing the product’s environmentally friendly characteristics even further.


  • Excellent reverberation control
  • Noise reduction = stress reduction (at home and at work)
  • Good acoustics = improved work efficiency and performance
  • Enhanced listening experience
  • Excellent design flexibility – can be applied on curved and vaulted ceilings
  • Jointless acoustic finish
  • Non-polarized material ensures low maintenance and easy cleaning
  • Can be applied equally well to hard substrates or suspended ceilings
  • Non-hazardous
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • An EcoLife product – Zero VOCs
  • Uses 80% recycled material
  • Incombustible
  • Vapor permeable
  • Excellent fungal resistance
  • Large color spectrum


Terraco Ambient™ can be used in several ways on ceilings to achieve different acoustical effects according to the requirement of the building in question. See Ambient Acoustic Ceiling Systems brochure on this page for technical drawings.

Ambient can be applied in a few different ways to achieve different acoustical effects according to the sound reduction requirements. The entire surface is seamless and no expansion joints are required. It is finished as a textured or smooth surface.

The System is traditionally applied using Ambient Basecoat and Finishcoat when being applied to a conventional ceiling. In some instances, Terraco Ambient Finishcoat is sprayed directly onto the prepared fiberboard in two coats, each of 1mm depth.

Spray Application onto fiber boards Textured Finish Smooth Sanded Finish

The Product Range

Ambient™ Adhesive DP A dry-powder, polymer-modified adhesive used for fixing sound absorption panels.
Ambient™ Primer An adhesion-promoting primer for application on masonry and other construction substrates prior to the application of Terraco Ambient finishing coats. An EcoLife product.
Ambient™ Basecoat DP A base-coat acoustic plastering compound supplied as a powder compound which is also suitable for spray application. It is applied in coats of 5-10mm, with the final thickness being either 8mm or 18mm. Allow the material to cure for 48 hours after which it is overcoated with the Ambient Finishcoat DP / RM to complete the Terraco Ambient Acoustic Ceiling System.
Ambient™ Finishcoat DP A finish-coat acoustic plastering compound supplied in powder form which is also suitable for spray application. Terraco Ambient Finishcoat DP can be finished to a textured or smooth finish according to the application method employed. It is a pre-colored system available in a standard range of attractive shades.
Ambient™ Finishcoat RM A finish-coat acoustic plastering compound used to finish acoustic panels, supplied in paste form which is also suitable for spray application. It can be finished to a textured or smooth finish according to the application method employed and is available in a bespoke range of attractive shades.


Korea KS F 2805 2004 – Sound Absorption Certification (KICT – Korea Institute of Construction Technology)
United Kingdom BS EN ISO 354 2003 – Sound Absorption Certification (University of Salford, Manchester, UK)
BS 476 – Fire Test: Non-Combustibility (Warrington Fire, UK)
UAE USEPA 24 – VOC Test Certification (Wimpy Laboratories)
Ireland ASTM C423-09a and ASTM E795-05 (Ventac Laboratory)

Please contact your Terraco representative for further assistance. Terraco Ambient™ Acoustic Ceiling Systems are a versatile and eco-friendly choice for a wide range of applications, from prestigious projects to domestic settings. With excellent sound control properties, design flexibility, and environmentally friendly features, Terraco Ambient™ Acoustic Ceiling Systems are an ideal solution for achieving optimal acoustics and aesthetic appeal.