Discover Terraco’s extensive range of high-quality tiling products, featuring top-performing tile adhesives and versatile tile grouts. Our comprehensive portfolio of cementitious and ready mixed tile adhesives meets the stringent European Standards EN 12004 / EN 12002, ensuring exceptional performance while complying with the most demanding architectural specifications.

Choose from our Terrafix™ and Terrapaste™ brands for a reliable and long-lasting solution.

Complementing our tile adhesives, Terraco offers a wide selection of premium grouts that adhere to European Standard EN 13888. These superior grouts cater to both general-purpose applications and specific project requirements.

Our high-performance Terragrout™ range showcases an impressive variety of colored grouts, meticulously crafted for both wide and narrow joints. This versatility accommodates a diverse array of tiling needs and aesthetic preferences, making Terraco the go-to choice for those seeking a perfect finish and lasting durability in their tiling projects.

Experience the Terraco difference, and elevate your project to new heights of excellence.