Etihad Museum

Etihad Museum's acoustics enhanced with Terraco Ambient™ Acoustic Ceiling Systems for optimal sound control & aesthetics.

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    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Elevating the acoustic experience in the Etihad Museum with Terraco’s Ambient™ Acoustic Ceiling Systems.

Terraco’s Ambient™ Acoustic Ceiling Systems help create seamless, jointless, and aesthetically pleasing finishes while providing exceptional audio fidelity within the structure. This innovative solution provides optimal sound control in various settings, including cultural institutions, educational facilities, and residential spaces.

Located in Dubai, UAE, the Etihad Museum showcases the country’s rich political, social, and cultural history. The museum’s construction incorporates the revolutionary Ambient™ Acoustic Systems, ensuring an immersive and comfortable auditory environment for visitors.

Terraco Ambient™ is an environmentally friendly and non-combustible range of high-performance acoustic plastering compounds available in dry-powder and ready-mix versions. With 80% recycled material, Ambient™ enhances its eco-friendly properties while delivering excellent reverberation control, noise reduction, and design flexibility. It can be applied to hard substrates or suspended ceilings and is suitable for curved and vaulted surfaces.

The benefits of using Ambient™ Acoustic Ceiling Systems extend beyond aesthetics and acoustics. The product is non-hazardous, vapor permeable, and boasts excellent fungal resistance, ensuring long-lasting durability and easy maintenance. Available in a large color spectrum, Ambient™ offers architects and designers the freedom to create unique and visually stunning spaces.

Elevate your next project with Terraco Ambient™ Acoustic Ceiling Systems and experience the perfect harmony of form and function in any environment.