Fairmont Hotel and Serviced Apartments

Enhancing Fairmont Hotel Abu Dhabi with Terraco EIFS Perma for Thermal Insulation & Terracoat Suede for a sophisticated finish.

  • Location
    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Project Type
  • Terraco Products / System
    Terracoat Suede ,Terraco EIFS Perma
  • Architect / Consultant
    Khatib & Alami
  • Contractor
    Arabtec Construction
  • Project Size / Scope
    1000 sq.m

Terraco EIFS Perma and Terracoat Suede: Transforming Luxury at Fairmont Hotel and Serviced Apartments

Situated in the prime location of Abu Dhabi’s breakwater, the Fairmont Hotel and Serviced Apartments offer an exquisite view of the Marina and boast a Five Star Hotel Resort, serviced and unfurnished apartments. This prestigious project, featuring two symmetrical 45-level towers connected by link bridges, showcases the unparalleled quality and performance of Terraco’s innovative products: Terraco EIFS Perma and Terracoat Suede.

The Terraco EIFS Perma system was meticulously applied to the east and west sides of the link bridges by an expert installation team specialized in rope access. With the unique challenges posed by the project’s location and height, such as negative wind pressure at 160m and the 1.7m architectural feature projection at roof level, Terraco’s EIFS Perma was installed using mechanical fasteners with retainers to ensure a secure and durable finish.

Complementing the exceptional thermal insulation properties of Terraco EIFS Perma, the exterior facade was completed with Terracoat Suede, a high-quality textured coating that adds a smooth, sophisticated appearance with subtle movement. This stunning finish highlights the elegance and style synonymous with both the Fairmont brand and Terraco’s world-class products.

This noteworthy project demonstrates the perfect harmony between luxury, style, and energy efficiency, achieved by the exceptional performance of Terraco’s EIFS Perma and Terracoat Suede. These innovative solutions not only provide beautiful finishes but also contribute to the overall thermal insulation and facade protection, making them an ideal choice for architects, consultants, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts alike. Experience the finest in energy-efficient and aesthetic facade solutions with Terraco’s industry-leading products.