Queen Alia International Airport

Explore Terraco's Terrafix & Terragrout, high-quality tiling solutions showcased at Queen Alia International Airport in Amman, Jordan.

Queen Alia International Airport: A Showcase of Terraco’s Tiling Solutions

Terraco’s expert tiling solutions were chosen for the prestigious Queen Alia International Airport project in Amman, Jordan. This impressive airport, awarded the title of the best airport in the Middle East in 2014 by the Airport Council International, required top-notch tiling products to match its world-class facilities. Terrafix, Terraco’s Cementitious Tile Adhesive, and Terragrout, a high-performance grout, were selected for their superior performance and outstanding quality.

Terrafix was utilized for its exceptional adhesion and easy workability, ensuring a seamless tiling experience for the airport’s expansive facilities. This versatile adhesive is perfect for a variety of applications, from ceramic and mosaic tile installations to more demanding projects like concrete swimming pools. With its EN Classification C1T, Terrafix guarantees reliability and performance in every application.

Terragrout, on the other hand, offered a range of high-performance, polymer-modified cementitious grouts for filling both narrow and wide joints. Compliant with the European Standard EN 13888, Terragrout provides water and weather resistance, ensuring a long-lasting, durable finish for the airport’s floor and wall tiles. Available in 24 light and lime-fast colors, the grout met the architectural requirements and aesthetic preferences for this high-profile project.

The successful completion of the Queen Alia International Airport project is a testament to Terraco’s commitment to delivering top-quality tiling solutions that cater to the needs of architects, consultants, and contractors alike. Trust Terraco for unparalleled results in all your tiling projects.