Terraco’s premium paints have been developed and formulated in line with Terraco’s core values of providing superior quality and long-term value, based on highly attractive finishes and a comprehensive range of shades and colours.

Terraco’s premium interior paints are water-based and environmentally friendly, low VOC and low odour. Many of Terraco’s interior paint products are ultra-low VOC products. Products which carry Terraco’s branding ensure minimal environmental impact and are formulated with special grades of binders and additives. Naturally none of these products contain solvents, formaldehyde or other harmful chemicals and they exceed the strictest regulations for interior decoration products in the world.

Terraco’s interior paints can be used in all types of applications ranging from domestic to industrial and are available in a comprehensive range of sheens and finishes. Included in the paint range are other speciality interior premium paint products used to bridge cracks in ceilings and walls as well as Terraco’s superlative antibacterial paints which incorporate cutting-edge Nano Silver technology.

Guaranteed to last, these products are backed by Terraco’s international quality guarantee.

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