Research & Development

Terraco is focused on design and innovation of high quality environmentally friendly finishing materials. A focus on continuous improvement and development of breakthrough technologies are a cornerstone of Terraco’s Research & Development initiatives.

Terraco Technical Center, the company’s hub for global R&D is located in Kilcoole, Ireland and is the core of all technical initiatives. To ensure an approach that is close to customers and markets, the company has several local laboratories across countries where Terraco is present.

Terraco follows an organized process of innovation to take products from idea to launch in the market involving the complete value chain and stake holders.

Ensuring performance through quality sourcing

Terraco's products are only made using quality raw materials that meets rigorous testing procedures. All raw materials are screened and tested before use. Quality raw materials ensure high performance.

  • Continuous Innovation

    May it be products or processes, Terraco is committed to continuous innovation with a focus on high quality sustainable solutions for the construction industry. The development work is spearheaded by the Terraco Technical Centre in Ireland, which coordinates the efforts of all technical personnel across the company’s network worldwide to ensure Terraco always remains a leading innovator and a supplier of choice.

    Terraco’s in-house development team actively cooperates with multiple technology partners and suppliers, conducting joint research projects in common interest areas.

  • Commitment to Quality

    Terraco ensures that the products meet all relevant local and international standards. The products are certified after the most rigorous tests by international testing institutes. The Technical Centre implements strictly monitored and enforced quality control procedures at all production facilities ensuring global standards and high-quality products.

    Terraco companies follow strict, certified, quality control and environmental management procedures. Terraco factories have obtained ISO 9001 certification and in some instances are ISO 14001 environmental management certified. The products are developed and formulated to meet ASTM, BS and EN standards amongst others.

Our Green Principles

Terraco believes in contributing positively to the environment and society by only producing products that are certified to be environmentally friendly. The aim is to consistently develop durable, eco-friendly products that improve comfort and quality of life.

  • Health conscious products

    All of Terraco’s products are water borne and are certified to be health and environmentally friendly. The company has never produced any solvent borne or high emission product and remains strong to this commitment.

    Terraco’s EcoLife range is free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and other potentially harmful emissions. These products contain specially developed polymers and additives that ensure their ecologically friendly nature. The EcoLife range of products surpasses the most stringent international regulations. Read more on EcoLife

  • Saving on energy and enhanced indoor comfort

    • Energy efficiency and indoor comfort of occupants has become a key benchmark of a successful building design.Terraco’s guaranteed Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS):
    • Insulates buildings in such a way that it can reduce heating and cooling related energy consumption by up to 50%.
    • Gives tremendous ecological benefits, improved comfort and substantial cost savings.
    • Can be installed on both new builds and refurbishments.
    • Read more on  Terraco EIFS

  • Local sourcing of environmentally friendly raw materials

    • Terraco believes in local sourcing of environmentally friendly raw materials of high quality.
    • Terraco’s operations are designed to be lean and efficient. Local sourcing can reduce costs of freight and thereby the associated carbon footprint.
    • Streamlined production methods ensure zero wastage of raw materials.
    • Terraco continuously works to maximise the efficient use of non-renewable resources.

  • Reducing water wastage

    • Terraco’s operates in many countries where water is a scarce resource.
    • Terraco has a strict no water wastage policy and ensures all water is put to good use.
    • Wherever feasible water from the production process is recycled.

  • Durability and Quality

    Terraco is proud to be recognised as a manufacturer of quality finishing materials in all operating markets – a reputation that was earned and maintained since the company’s founding. Terraco’s quality products are durable, long lasting and protect buildings. The result is longer maintenance life cycles and reduced costs over time.


A symbol of health and environment leadership

The Terraco Ecolife range of products are free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, APEO, heavy metals and other potentially harmful chemicals. These water based, solvent free innovations contain specially developed polymers and additives that ensure an ecologically friendly nature. The EcoLife range complies with the most stringent international health and environment regulations and are third party certified.

Green Buildings

The International Energy Agency estimates that today's buildings are responsible for more that 40% of the world's total energy consumption and for 24% of global carbon dioxide emissions – exceeding those of the whole transportation sector.

A green building in its design, construction or operation reduces the negative impact on the natural environment. Green buildings conserve resources and improve our quality of life. The World Green Building Council defines certain criteria for a building to be called ‘green’.

Efficient use of energy, water and other resources.
Use of renewable energy wherever possible.
Reduction of pollution and waste.
Enablement of material re-use and recycling
Good indoor environmental air quality.
Use of materials that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable.
Consideration of the environment in design, construction and operation.
Consideration of the quality of life of occupants in design, construction and operation.
  • Building design and construction can greatly shape the formation of green buildings regardless of its use as commercial, residential or infrastructure. Architectural variables like climatic conditions, cultures, traditions and wider ranging economic and environmental factors influence the design and construction of green buildings.

  • Green Buildings are known to have extended life cycles due to lower maintenance requirement and higher saving on costs. New technologies in construction are constantly being developed to support the green building direction. Terraco is a firm believer in green buildings and continuously innovates products which are sustainable and green.