Terraco architectural façade finishes combine elegance and variety in design, texture, style, and color, offering a comprehensive range of sophisticated solutions.

Our range of Architectural Façade Coatings and finishes include:

Textured Finishes

Discover Terraco’s environmentally friendly, high-quality decorative textured finishes under the renowned Terracoat™ Textured Coatings brand. These coatings offer architects, designers, and consultants endless variations in tone, texture, color, and effect, leading the global trend towards natural-looking, low-profile to high-build textured coatings.

Decorative Renders

Terraco’s Terol™ Mineral Based Coatings offer a wide array of polymer-modified, mineral-based decorative renders with diverse aesthetic finishes and colors. These versatile coatings provide solutions ranging from traditional heritage styles to modern contemporary designs. Terol™ Ultra, a revolutionary product, can be applied in adverse weather conditions, withstanding low temperatures and high humidity while ensuring early rain resistance.

Stone Coatings & Finishes

Terralite™ Stone Coatings encapsulate natural graded stone in a resin binder, creating distinctive styles that simulate the appearance of stone-clad facades – a practical alternative to marble or granite. Inspired by the timeless beauty of granite and marble, these coatings offer long-term resilience and durability while protecting the substrate.

Exterior Special Effect Coatings

Terraco’s innovative Exterior Special Effect Coatings cater to architects and concept designers seeking unique and cutting-edge decorative finishes for their iconic projects. Developed with sustainability in mind, these coatings preserve natural resources, reduce harmful VOCs, and promote upcycling.

Performance Paints

Terraco’s environmentally friendly, water-based exterior paints boast low odor and utilize the latest paint technology. Suitable for domestic, industrial, and commercial applications, these paints offer superior aging characteristics and are available in a wide range of attractive colors.

Protective Topcoats

Enhance and protect Terraco’s architectural coatings with our clear and pigmented topcoats. Ideal for overcoating newly applied Terracoat Textured Coatings, Terralite Stone Coatings, and Terol mineral-based renders, these topcoats maintain the pristine appearance of long-life coatings in polluted environments.

Explore our full range of architectural façade finishes below: