Modular Construction Systems

Modular Construction Technical Finishing Solutions

Modular construction is one of the fastest growing building sectors in many parts of the world. In terms of the three variables which are nearly always unachievable together in construction – time, cost, and quality, it appears that modular is seen as a way to get close to the three variables.

For modular manufacturers Terraco offers a One Stop Shop when it comes to solutions for interior and exterior finishes – flexible board joint treatments, speciality primers and decorative finishes, tiling solutions and bathroom / shower tanking systems, as well as EIFS / ETICS / EWI systems.

Modular construction is a term used to describe the use of factory-produced / pre-engineered building units that are delivered to site and assembled as large volumetric components or as substantial elements of a building. Terraco’s Technical Service Teams actively engage with customers in both the technical and production areas to provide product design and performance finishing solutions.

Product System Customisation

Terraco provides product system solutions for modules (prefabricated units) under factory controlled conditions for finishing interior and exterior surfaces in areas such as:

Flexible tiling solutions for kitchen and bathroom pods;
Flexible jointing systems for different types of boards – calcium silicate, cement fibre, external grade gypsum, and magnesium oxide (MGO) boards;
Skimming and coating of panels;
Cladding finishes – coatings, brick slips, and more for SIPS, LSF panels etc.;
Quick-set, flexible waterproofing.

Production Customisation

Terraco will introduce a customisation process to optimise the product system with each specific modular plant with a focus on allowing the Modular manufacturer to maximise through-put in their plant and achieve a guaranteed quality. Our technical team will focus on:

  • De-skilling application and improving the automation of product application;
  • Enhancing quality control via spray applied systems;
  • Reducing application / drying times by using quick-set products;
  • Customising product for factory environment – for forced drying, oven drying systems etc.;
  • Enhancing product flexibility for transporting the modular unit, lightweight steel frame sections, or timber framing to site;
  • Co-ordinating research and development with automation systems;
  • Being a sustainable solutions provider;
  • Ensuring a direct relationship between client and Terraco’s Technical Centre in Ireland.

Terraco also gives careful consideration to fire safety design aspects, detailing for seismic requirements, structural design elements, as well as Green Building requirements when customising products. Interior products form part of the Terraco EcoLife range – they are free from Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and other potentially harmful emissions. Read more on EcoLife products.

Finishing Solutions

There are a host of products offered by Terraco to meet the technical requirements for finishing various areas of a modular building system. Please refer to the below Modular Construction brochure for more information or contact your nearest Terraco Regional Technical Centre for additional information.

Click on the Modular Construction Solutions Brochure below: