Clymb, Abu Dhabi, UAE

  • Location
    Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Project Type
    Sports Facility
  • Terraco Products / System
    Terraseal ,Terraco EIFS Alpha ,Terraco EIFS Perma
  • Architect / Consultant
  • Contractor
    Zublin Construction LLC.
  • Project Size / Scope
    5,000 sq.m

Terraco proudly presents its contribution to CLYMB Abu Dhabi, an indoor adventure hub renowned for holding two Guinness World Records. This spectacular project underscores Terraco’s dedication to innovative solutions that blend superior functionality with aesthetic excellence.

Covering a vast area of 5000 sq.m., Terraco’s best-selling EIFS Alpha system was applied. Known for its cost-effective Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) insulation, this system is frequently chosen by architects and consultants for new and renovation projects. It is particularly suited for renovations due to the use of Graphite enhanced (G-EPS), offering 10% more thermal efficiency with thinner sections.

An additional 400 sq.m. of the project area utilised Terraco’s EIFS Perma system, which employs mineral wool as insulation. Recommended where a higher fire rating is required, it is an ideal choice for climates requiring enhanced breathability – a crucial aspect when insulating structures with high moisture levels. The system is finished with highly vapour permeable decorative renders such as Terracoat Sil or Terol, offering architects and customers a range of colours and textures.

The final touch was applied with Terraco Terraseal, a non-bituminous, weather-resistant, moisture barrier and vapour permeable permanent waterproof coating for facades. This ASTM E84 Class-A fire rated product offers an environmentally friendly, permanent solution as an alternative to bituminous based moisture barriers.

The application of these innovative systems in CLYMB Abu Dhabi showcases Terraco’s commitment to delivering technically advanced solutions, withstanding various climatic conditions and meeting the highest safety standards. Our ability to enhance such noteworthy projects stands testament to the quality, durability, and versatility of our product range.