My Đình National Stadium

Experience the stunning transformation of My Đình National Stadium with Terraco's innovative products, delivering exceptional durability, aesthetics, and performance for a state-of-the-art multipurpose stadium. Dive into the details of this remarkable project and discover the benefits of using Terraco's Handycoat Exterior, Terralite Stone, and Flexipave®.

Transforming My Đình National Stadium with Terraco’s Handycoat Exterior, Terralite Stone, and Flexipave®

The renovation of My Đình National Stadium in Hanoi, Vietnam, demonstrates the power of Terraco’s innovative products, including Handycoat Exterior, Terralite Stone, and Flexipave®, in creating an exceptional multipurpose stadium experience.

Handycoat Exterior, a durable and weather-resistant skimcoat, was applied to level exterior masonry and cement fiberboard surfaces. This high-quality filler ensures a smooth surface for painting, enhancing the stadium’s aesthetic appeal while offering excellent adhesion and crack resistance.

Terralite Stone, a medium-build spray-applied stone-effect coating, was used on the stadium’s exterior facades. This environmentally friendly product simulates ‘Hammer Finished Granite’ while providing excellent weather, UV, impact, and abrasion resistance. Its versatility makes it ideal for various surfaces, including cement rendering, lightweight concrete, and cement fiberboards.

Flexipave® , a high-performance sports flooring system, was utilized for the stadium’s running track. This International Tennis Federation (ITF) certified coating offers superior traction, slip resistance, and durability for a range of sports surfaces. Its fade-resistant and waterproof properties ensure long-lasting protection against harsh weather conditions.

The combination of Handycoat Exterior, Terralite Stone, and Flexipave® has elevated Mỹ Đình National Stadium into a modern, versatile venue for sports and events. This renovation project showcases the advantages of using Terraco’s products for stadium construction, offering a compelling case for architects, consultants, contractors, and DIY enthusiasts seeking top-quality solutions for their projects.

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