Handymate (DIY Solutions)

Handymate is a superior quality, easy to use, ready mix surface preparation range that is specially developed and formulated by Terraco for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) usage.

We’ve taken our over 40 years of experience working with professional applicators across the globe and developed this range keeping the homeowner in mind and formulating the products with a focus on ease of use, versatility and durability.

Thanks to the 40 plus years of experience of our research and development team, the Handymate range offers best quality products at a highly cost-effective price. Handymate products are long lasting and offer the best solutions for a wide range of repair requirements. Check out the range of Handymate products below or click on the link to BUY NOW.


Terraco continues its proud tradition of producing a wide range of versatile and eco-friendly specialised waterproofing products for various applications – above, below and at ground level application. Please find all the waterproofing products below.

Water Tanks & Swimming Pools

Terraco has a wide range of waterproofing products that are ideal for structures that store standing water and in few cases, potable water. Below are the products ideal for waterproofing swimming pools and water tanks.


Terraco offers an extensive range of world class decorative finishes and multiple façade solutions that combines beautiful textures with life long protection.


Terraco offers a wide range of roof coatings that provide flexible waterproofing with excellent weather resistance and long life flexibility. Check out the range below.


Sports Solutions

Terraco offers a high performance flooring system that is suitable for use on tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, hospital ramps, helicopter landing pads, golf course buggy paths, recreational walking paths and other demanding flooring applications.

Parking and Industrial Areas

Terraco offers high performance anti-carbonation, wall protection system for parking and industrial areas which concentrate on using barrier coatings to protect concrete from the ingress of water and CO₂. Below are the products that form a part of this system.

Renovation and Retrofit



Terraco offers a range of quality Resin Surfacing Systems, used internally and externally as flooring and landscaping solutions that are ideal for pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Concrete Repair & Protection